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Welcome to Law Simplified
We are a leading publishing company that makes the law simple and accessible. We cover all areas of law, which we deliver to you in articles, videos, podcasts, social media updates, and live on TikTok
Law Simplified specialises in finding lawyers to help you with your legal problems. We have a strong network of law firms all throughout the UK. We will be sure to have a specialist on the phone to you, for a FREE consultation, within 72 hours.
Law Simplified is headed by Faareen Ali, a lawyer who is driven with passion to demystify legal complexities, equalise access to law, and to bridge the gap between you and the legal industry. Her journey began from a deeply rooted commitment to empower everyone to stand up for their rights. We hope Law Simplified serves as an initial check point for you, and that you consider us a trusted friend, for all things legal.