About Us


A personal message from our Founder;

“We all go about life sometimes unaware of the importance of law. In reality, however, it shapes the way in which we navigate our lives on a daily basis.

Law defines commercial relationships, protects the rights afforded in whatever capacity we find ourselves in; employees, employers, tenants, landlords, even normal civilians– and through a framework of sanctions and remedies, regulates and holds each and every one of us to account.It is so important, therefore, that you are always informed about the new developments as they come in.

At Law Simplified, we also understand and support the notion that law is a challenging subject for many reasons. Often because of its’ use of archaic and traditional text, or because it comes in the form of long scriptures which would conventionally require the intervention from a lawyer, to simplify.

For that very reason, we are committing to taking new and old legal changes through a process of simplification to keep you in the loop. Through blogs, podcasts, bite-sized articles and videos, we hope you are able to find answers to any pressing questions that you might have, or even begin to find an encouraging desire to keep in contact with law, amongst the chaos of every day life, wherever you go, with Law Simplified.

We also understand the value that law students can add to any premise whilst in process of their studies, and how beneficial legal writing experience can be, this is why we are also accepting written submissions from anyone in third year of LLB Law or beyond, to be featured on this platform. For more information, please contact us on info@law-simplified.co.uk.”

Disclaimer: This is a blogging forum tasked with the responsibility of simplifying law, it does not intend for its’ content to constitute or be used as legal advice.

– Faareen Ali, Founder and Aspiring Barrister