Barrister Ahmed Muen sets the record straight about practising at the Criminal Bar


Criminal law and Regulatory Barrister, Ahmed Muen, of Drystone Chambers joined Law Simplified recently to set the record straight about practising at the Criminal Bar. He revealed how the justice system is struggling due to a lack of funding, which has resulted in a shortage of Judges and Barristers, significant backlog of cases and hearings being adjourned and/or relisted at the last minute.  Ahmed also enlightened us with his humour by sharing his funniest moments in court and did not hold back to ensure aspiring barristers know the truth about the difficulties of running a successful criminal practice amid public funding cuts. However, he tells us that things do get better over time and that he would never leave the Criminal Bar.

Ahmed is also the Founder and President of the Arab Lawyers Association (ALA), which was formed to promote, and develop the legal profession among the Arab community within the UK. Ahmed expressed how he wants the Association to assist aspiring barristers and solicitors by presenting them with valuable networking opportunities. Connect with Ahmed Muen on LinkedIn and follow ALA to make sure you don’t miss out on future events. Podcast hosted by Sara El Kaysi.

DISCLAIMER: Podcast recorded before the strike action by Criminal Barristers.

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