Businesswoman and TV Lawyer, Ayesha Nayyar, shares her journey to success

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Ayesha Nayyar joined Law Simplified recently to talk about her journey to law, and TV, and to establishing her law firm, Nayyars Solicitors. During the interview, she shared some of her most memorable and shocking cases, having practised as a solicitor for 25 years. Ayesha also told us about her experiences whilst recording ‘Crime, are we tough enough?’ with ex-villains and prison officers, and ‘Rip off Britain’ with BBC where she gave advice to public members. She currently appears on BBC News Morning Live, Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4, and many others as an expert lawyer. She also took part in a quick-fire round and shared some beneficial advice for aspiring lawyers and professionals.

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Faareen Ali was called to the Bar of England and Wales in November 2019 by The Honourable society of Lincolns Inn. She is currently an Advocate for 8 DAC Beachcroft Buildings Ltd (8DB) and has nearly three years experience of representing clients predominantly within Civil and Commercial areas of law. She is also the Founder and Director at Law Simplified Ltd. Faareen was voted as one of Top 25 women to watch in business in Lancashire and featured in Lancashire Business View (LBV) for International Women's Day (2021). She is the Silver Award holder for Best Businesswoman in Legal Services 2021, and the finalist for the Innovator of Year Award 2020. Law Simplified was also awarded the Silver Award for Best New Business 2021. For any business enquires, you can reach Faareen Ali on

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