Dying without a Will can destroy your family | A brutally honest interview with Ikhlas Ahmed from WillInherit


We interviewed the Founder at WillInherit, Ikhlas Ahmed, who talked about Wills, Inheritance Tax, and Estate Planning. He was brutally honest about his experiences, having worked in the industry for over a decade.

Ikhlas was forthcoming about why we must all have a Will in place, and the dangers of dying without one. Some of the examples he shared during the interview included:

  • Families falling out and ending up in court, costing them hundreds of thousands in legal bills. They ended up walking away with little to nothing.
  • Children losing both parents, but having no guardians and no one willing to take them in. (You can appoint guardian(s) in the Will).
  • Hundreds of thousands paid in Inheritance Tax which could’ve easily been avoided.
  • Children not recovering anything after passing of their father, as their estate was worth less than £322,000.
  • Muslim couple failed to register their marriage (not legally married as a consequence) resulted in wife recovering ZILCH after husband’s passing.

Ikhlas Ahmed also recalled being called by a client who was on his death bed. Ikhlas Ahmed recalled how his client’s eyes kept rolling back and he was struggling to breathe. Thankfully he was able to declare his wishes before his last breath. Don’t let this be you!

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