From Law to Quiz-shows: The story behind the making of Shaun Wallace


Law Simplified is joined by the quiz-show legend and senior criminal law barrister, Shaun Wallace, for a special interview. He is the Mastermind Champion (2004) and the first ever chaser on the popular show, The Chase on ITV.

Shaun is a highly respected barrister at Great James St Chambers. Shaun left no leaf unturned in this interview as he delved into his journey, his struggles, and his moments of victory in his professional career and in showbiz. He was extremely open about how he failed his exams and thought he’d never make it as a barrister. However, he persisted and refused to give up. He has been at the Bar for over 35 years and is regularly instructed in serious criminal cases such as murder, manslaughter, money laundering, and many others.

Our host, Faareen Ali, took him down memory lane and asked him about the TV shows that he has featured on. Shaun shared why he wanted the world to know about the hardships he went through. His autobiography, Chasing the dream, is available to purchase. It is a story of hope, grit, perseverance, and victory. A fantastic book that can leave a huge impact on you, as it has for us. Click here now to buy a copy.

This podcast is proudly sponsored by Great James Street Chambers. Shaun belongs to Great James Street Chambers, a set of barristers’ Chambers renowned for expertise in criminal, extradition, immigration, family, civil and human rights law. They have over 40 barristers and work nationally and internationally in publicly funded and private cases. They have a reputation for excellence, founded on the strength of its individual members.

Great James Street prides itself as a leader in niche areas of law such as extradition, pre and post charge advice, sports law and the challenging of warrants. They work with some of the leading law firms and have experience in handling high profile cases. For any legal enquiries, please contact the Clerking team at or on 0207 440 4949. Do also head onto their website, and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Shaun is also on all the social media platforms.

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