Hasaan Ahmad sits down with David Boyle

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Our podcast host gets up close and personal with a senior Barrister at Deans Court Chambers. Writer, Lecturer and Member of the BSB Advisory Panel of Experts; David Boyle

David provides a fascinating insight into his background, his family and his motivation behind studying at the prestigious Cambridge University. Hasaan and David scrutinised academic institutions, highlighting the “state school/ grammar school” debate. Touching on how an academic institute, regardless of its reputation can propel young professionals given they have the requisite experience, willingness and determination. David goes on to give invaluable advice to BPTC graduates, as well as simplifying some of the implications of Jackson Reforms. Please click here for David’s ‘The Mini Pupil Workbook’, ‘An Introduction to Personal Injury Law’ and ‘On Experts’.

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Hasaan Ahmad

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Hasaan is an BPTC graduate awaiting his Call to the Bar of England and Wales. Currently employed as a Litigation Executive, he has experience dealing with Immigration asylum appeal hearings in the First Tier Tribunal in addition to handling a range of litigated cases. Hasaan intends on qualifying as a Civil practitioner in the near future.
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