Hasaan Ahmad sits down with Sahar Farooqi

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Sahar Farooqi is a barrister of ten years call, practising within commercial litigation and international arbitration as well as all forms of ADR, he joined DWF Advocacy as their sole counsel in 2014, and soon found himself steering the ship as their Director. Sahar works extensively in the MENA and Asia-Pac regions. At home, he is a father to two under two, a mentor to seven aspiring barristers, and a self-professed cricket freak. In this episode, Sahar shares shocking, jaw-dropping moments which occurred over the course of his career, talks about his appointment as the Director of DWF Advocacy, and on being awarded The British Muslim achievements Award in Law Prize 2020. Sahar was very forthcoming on topics such as pupillage with DWF Advocacy, the ever so current BAME issues and his current practice. As you can imagine, we had to quench Sahar’s expertise and experience for all it’s worth.

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Hasaan Ahmad

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Hasaan is an BPTC graduate awaiting his Call to the Bar of England and Wales. Currently employed as a Litigation Executive, he has experience dealing with Immigration asylum appeal hearings in the First Tier Tribunal in addition to handling a range of litigated cases. Hasaan intends on qualifying as a Civil practitioner in the near future.
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