Millions of pounds recovered by AMK Legal amid large scale financial scandal | Are you affected too?


There have been scandals after scandal in the financial market as millions of pounds are being recovered from High Street banks and Wealth Management companies, amid large scale mis-selling.

You could also be entitled to thousands of pounds in refunds.

Head of Financial Mis-selling at AMK Legal, Michael Jordan, joined Law Simplified for a special podcast interview to discuss the scale of these scandals. Michael told us about the mis-selling of pensions, investments by banks, and breach of terms by wealth management companies.

Most wealth management firms, like St. James’s Place, take an annual management charge or ongoing advice fee from investments each year, in return for financial reviews. In high percentage of cases, this is not happening!

AMK Legal have settled thousands of claims for unfair ongoing advice fees, and the sale of risky investments to ordinary consumers. AMK Legal is at the forefront of this niche area of financial mis-selling, and are now preparing to take on other major wealth brands, who have been doing the same for years. Their clients are recovering thousands of pounds.

Are you with a Wealth Management company and have been affected by the above?

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