Murder, terrorism and more with UK’s leading criminal barrister and King’s Counsel, Gul Nawaz Hussain KC


Law Simplified was recently joined by Gul Nawaz Hussain KC, UK’s leading criminal barrister, King’s Counsel, and Head of Chambers at the new Sheffield annex of 33 Bedford Row Chambers (33BR) and their northern annexes. He is also the Deputy Head at their London set.

Gul Nawaz was born to a steelworker and trade unionist in Tinsley, Sheffield, and has spent his life there. During the interview, he was forthcoming about his extremely humble beginnings. He shared how at the age of 10, he and his sister queued up outside Leopold Hotel in Sheffield, opposite the building that houses the new offices of 33BR, for free clothing when his father was on strike and money was tight. Many years later, he found himself in Leopold Hotel sitting next to a Court of Appeal judge, Lord Justice Males, for dinner.

Gul Nawaz also shared some of his extremely interesting cases and told us about the new Sheffield annex of 33BR, whose offices are based in the Steel City House Building. He sends an open invitation to all solicitors, either based in the region or those who happen to be passing through, to drop in for a cuppa tea. He also told us about his infamous hair routine as he was recently shortlisted for an award for having the best hair at the Bar. Podcast hosted by Faareen Ali.  Follow Gul Nawaz KC on Instagram and LinkedIn

This Podcast is sponsored by 33 Bedford Row which is a leading common law set offering legal advice and advocacy in Civil, Criminal, Family, Immigration and Regulatory law at all levels including work with an international element. They have over 80 barristers including distinguished silks with experience at all levels up to and including the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. 33 Bedford Row Chambers have offices in London, Leeds, Sheffield, York and Chepstow. Head onto their website and reach out to their clerks if you require any legal representation, and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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