The risks of unregulated marriages and why you must regulate your marriage right away, with Javaid Iqbal


Javaid Iqbal, Founder at Clear Sky Legal Services and family law specialist, joins Law Simplified to talk about marriage in a legal context. He particularly focused on unregulated marriages, the risks of failing to register a marriage, and how it can be ‘significantly’ detrimental at the time of divorce or bereavement. If your marriage is not recognised in the UK, it will have an impact on how finances/ assets are divided. There are also other life benefits of registering your marriage which Javaid touched on.

He tells us which marriages are recognised in UK law and those which are not. He also talked about the registration process and emphasised that it’s never too late to go through the registration process. Even if you’re many years into your marriage, you are still able to go to the registry office and have it registered right now!

Javaid shared some of his experiences of having dealt with clients in these circumstances, sharing how many were left distraught after finding out that they were entitled to ‘nothing’ following divorce, as they had failed to register their marriage.