The tales of a Barrister and a Judge with Anthony Metzer KC


DISCLAIMER: Podcast recorded before the death of Her Majesty The Queen and before Anthony stepped down as Head of Chambers at Goldsmith Chambers.

Law Simplified was recently joined by a highly regarded King’s Counsel and Judge, Anthony Metzer KC. Anthony shared his journey to becoming a barrister, and told us how Keir Starmer was also a pupil at his first Chambers. As a Judge of 20 years, we asked him how it feels to make decisions that impact the lives of many people, as well as dealing with media scrutiny.

Anthony simplified some law on actions against the police and shared some of his extremely influential cases over the years, including when he acted in a case where the court was asked to consider if we have a right to buy sex . He also spoke about the time when he brought a private prosecution against a Jewish man on the grounds of coercive and controlling behaviour, as he was refusing to give a religious divorce (Get) to his ex-wife.

Anthony is well known for appearing in high profile cases, especially when he relentlessly cross-examined Nigella Lawson for several hours. This is not one to be missed!! Do also head over to our TikTok (@lawsimplifieduk) for a TikTok special with Anthony. Podcast hosted by Faareen Ali.

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