UK’s failing Immigration System and Illegal Migration Bill with Human Rights lawyer, Qays Sediqi


Law Simplified was recently joined by Former Refugee turned lawyer, Qays Sediqi. He is the Head of Public law at Barnes Harrild & Dyer Solicitors (BHD) and a profound lawyer.

During the interview, he was very open about his experiences as a refugee in Holland, before he, his siblings, and his mother moved to the UK. Qays personal experiences in his earlier life inspired him to become a lawyer. Today he helps many refugees who are navigating the asylum system. Qays told us the truth about UK’s ‘failing’ immigration system and the Illegal Migration Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament.

Qays shared his deep concern about the bill as he says it seeks to antagonise and ostracise refugees, who have had to flee their countries to save their lives. He talked us through the implications of the bill for refugees, and why it breaches Human Rights laws and International laws.

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