UK’s top criminal barrister Dominic D’Souza talks about defending organised crime groups and murderers


Murder, organised crime groups and more, with Dominic D’Souza. He joined Vinesh Mistry to talk about some of the most memorable cases in his 20 years of working in criminal courts. This podcast is jam-packed with humorous and frightening revelations, it’s guaranteed to keep you glued to your seats.

In one of his murder trials (baby shaking trial), he shares how two medical experts were poles apart in their findings, with one saying that the baby had been murdered and his father should be put away for murder, and the other saying that it was a case of meningitis. We also spoke about his experience of defending organised crime groups and his most intimidating moments in a prison cell when he came face to face with a client who’d been charged with killing for satanic purposes. This has to be the best thing on the internet, so get stuck in right now.

Dominic briefly talked about our broken/underfunded criminal justice system amid continued legal aid cuts, the challenges of defending in rape cases and a topic that is hotly debated at the moment: whether or not juries should be abolished. We’ve dropped a Tiktok on our channel featuring all the best bits too, check it out at @lawsimplifieduk.

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