What should employers do to ensure swift economic recovery as the country is unlocked? | Hear it from Employment and HR Specialists


Law Simplified teamed up with Simplify Group Limited and its founder Zameer Nazarali, an Employment Solicitor and HR Specialist. We put a number of questions to Zameer about his journey so far, particularly focusing on how he went from being a Chartered Legal Executive and Solicitor to an Entrepreneur.

We also asked him for guidance on behalf of employees and employers as the economy is in process of being unlocked. The questions put to Zameer horn in on Human Resources (HR), and the considerations which should be at the forefront for employers, as they work towards economic recovery. We extracted some information about the concept of employee engagement, and how it can be achieved, even if some employees continue to work remotely. Zameer also shared some valuable advice for budding lawyers. Please see below for the video.

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